FLN Art Shoot – “free styling”

just for fun

IMG_6153 IMG_6199 IMG_6035 IMG_6024 IMG_5994 IMG_6259 IMG_6283 IMG_6393Our first spring/summer in the shop and fairly excited we threw together this photo shoot, in record timing, really just for fun and to create some art and inspiration.

A day of fashion, hair design, nature & parks (and hanging out with three gorgeous models).  Fer Le Noir planned locations, shot layouts, hand made the models clothes (“that’s right” hand made/designed them…omg), props and some spontaneous hair design.  We used crimping techniques, braiding, teasing and soft curl.

Thanks to my friend Tahlia,who is extremely talented with a lense & very reasonably priced, here are some of the beautiful shots we came up with.

pre shoot & backstage – http://tahliaisabelpalmer.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/fer-le-noir-pre-shoot.html

draft shoot – http://tahliaisabelpalmer.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/fer-le-noir-boutique-hair-salon.html

with a few final shots (and my favourites) being sent to print and hung in our large 3×3 mtr window. (attached)