Central Saint Martin’s College – London

It was at Central Saint Martins College in London that I first studied Film.  From writing and layouts to directing and film camera functions and finishing with editing and Final Cut Pro techniques.  Using Super 8 & 16 Film.

Central Saint Martins encouraged it’s students to think outside the box and push creative ideas through a process to become tangible.

Since CSM I have undertaken various refresher film/photography courses at East London College and NMIT here in Melbourne.  Watch this space for film work in the coming year!

Central Saint Martins is one of the world’s leading centres for art and design education, a reputation based around the achievements of its graduates and the creative energy of its current staff and students.

“The College brings a broad range of art and design activities together. The building allows the exchange of ideas and techniques across disciplines, acting as a huge workshop of thinking and making, underpinned by a strong research base and exceptional technical resources.

These programmes share an approach of exploring the boundaries of their discipline; students and staff are continually curious and always restless in developing beyond the accepted norms of their subject, so the work emerging from Central Saint Martins is at the forefront of its area. The College inspires its students and staff to be alert to new approaches and ideas.

This forward-looking approach places Central Saint Martins at the heart of London’s dynamic creative scene. All courses have strong links with practice and industry through visiting lectures, live projects and tutors who are leading practitioners. In any one month numerous people, events and exhibitions pass through the College, enriching the core curriculum in multiple ways and making it a major force in the art and design world.”