Customer Reviews

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connie blanco 
“Great service and very happy with the keratin treatment, definitely worth going back to.”
Melbourne North – 06/26/15
Jen Barber 
“I am very happy with my Keratin Treatment”
Melbourne North – 05/08/15
Heather Nordberg 
“Very good service, happy with keratin treatment, great value.”
Melbourne North
tony Dare 
A very intimate experience and Fer gave me some helpful tips on how to care for my hair.
Melbourne North – 05/08/15
Elise Barassi 
Fantastic Organic Keratin treatment. I will be back!!
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
Carol Bosnjak 
Good service and nice atmosphere
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
Serpil Tekin 
awesome service i will be spreading the word keep up the good work
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
Sian De Luise 
Friendly customer service
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
Great treatment and service! I will be back.
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
sue watt 
Excellent service, friendly and great hairdresser, I will be going back.
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
Bronwyn Williams 
A great experience, terrific ambience, flexibilty around appointments with an excellent outcome – intending to…
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
Desi Ariwinanti

Fer is so lovely! Nice conversation and awesome result! Everyone should try! :))
 Melbourne North – 08/28/14
Melbourne North – 08/28/14
Benazir Ismael 
Fer is really nice and accomodating. Left the place feeling really good with my new hair.
 Melbourne North – 08/28/14
Tara khatib 
I love it it makes my hair much silky and shiny
Melbourne North – 03/27/14
Jiela De Stefanis 
Fer the hairdresser was so friendly and did such a great job.
Melbourne North – 06/03/14